“I knew right away we wanted to find a doula to support us in welcoming our first baby into our family. My husband and I had an initial conversation with Amie and I walked away feeling excited and empowered about the idea of labor and childbirth. We knew immediately we wanted her to be a part of our journey. Amie’s ability to speak truth throughout my pregnancy & during labor was such a gift. Her calm spirit allowed me to enjoy pregnancy and look forward to the birth day of our daughter rather than feeling anxious about it.

In the days leading up to delivery I was very discouraged by labor that seemed to start and stall over the course of a few days. Amie was so encouraging and I could feel her prayers over us as we entered into the unknown. She arrived at the hospital shortly after us and was emotionally and physically present all the way until our daughter made her entrance into the world! My husband and I are grateful beyond words for her coaching, prayers, and friendship and the role she played in our positive birth story.”

-Carly & Alex

We will never regret having Amie as our doula! She is nothing short of amazing! From the very first visit, we knew she was the doula for us. She’s so kind, encouraging, supportive and knowledgeable. If we had any questions, she was always right there. When the time came, she helped us decide when we needed to head to the hospital. During labor, she was such a support for both of us but having her there was very reassuring for my husband. When he needed a break, she could take over. When we needed to make a decision, she was there to help us understand what our options were. Amie was there throughout the very long labor, always offering affirmations, counter pressure, support, strength and so much more. She was also able to capture photos of the many precious moments. We are very grateful to all she did and we know that if we ever have another child, she will be the first doula we call!


“Working with Amie Lee as our birth doula was an amazing experience! She will be the first person I go to for any further doula needs. My husband and I were very confident experiencing this journey with her. She had answers to all our questions with research-based information.  Amie is a Godly woman and is very easy to get along with. The first time we met, we started talking like we were old friends. Amie was very intuitive to mine and my husband’s needs. She gave my husband the tools he needed to be the best possible support person. When she prayed while I was in labor, you could feel the power of God fill the room. I was nervous when we first set out to find a doula but I am so happy God put Amie in our lives. She will be the first person I go to with any future pregnancies.”


“We loved working with Amie! Her gentle spirit and knowledge about all things natural birth was so encouraging to us as we welcomed our first child into the world. I was very nervous to give birth, but knowing that I had Amie on my team was such a comfort. Whenever my husband and I got to meet with her, we always came away excited about what was to come and had all our questions answered. We got to pray with her and be challenged by her to give our worries and fears to the Lord and ask Him for the birth we desired.

Amie’s support on the day of our birth was priceless. She calmly helped us to make informed choices, even when things weren’t going exactly how we wanted. I was able to have an unmedicated birth, as I wanted, because of her support and empowerment! We would highly recommend Amie to anyone looking for support as they go through their birth!”

-Haley and Scott

“Where do I even begin! Amie is absolutely amazing – if you are even contemplating getting a doula Amie is your girl. She spent multiple nights with us going way over the scheduled time just easing our mind and telling us what to expect. She also spent extra time that wasn’t in our contract to come help with lactation a few months after our little one was born. During our birth she advocated for me multiple times and was the best support person throughout the entire process. Whether this is your first birth or fifth she will definitely make your birth experience amazing. She was always available via phone and even answered all of my 100s of postpartum questions via texts at all hours of the day. Highly recommend Amie and will be using her for every birth going forward!”


“I cannot recommend Amie the Doula enough – her service was truly exceptional. At 39 weeks, I suddenly realized my husband would need support in supporting me in my desire to have an unmedicated birth. I reached out to Amie asking if she would be willing to take me on, even at so late in pregnancy. She told me she was busy, but was kind enough to ask about what I’d like my birth story to be and why. Once I explained that I’d had a highly medicated and unrewarding birth with my first, she agreed to make it work and expedited her paperwork and introduction processes, working on the weekend and after her kids’ sporting events late at night. We didn’t meet in person until at the hospital and from there it was like we were old friends. Her quiet support and encouragement relieved me of any doubts that I could push through, and in the end, I had the unmedicated birth of my dreams and an amazing bonding experience with my baby. I know this would not have been possible without the support of Amie and her endearing nature. She truly cares for you as a friend and wants the best for you. Her follow up care is exceptional as well. Thank you Amie – you made my birth story one of the best memories I have.” 🙂 


Amie was an absolute gem as part of our birth team. By truly getting to know us and know our birth plans, Amie was able to be an incredible support person helping us put our plans into reality. Her background knowledge both in birth preparation and birth itself was especially helpful for us to make the most educated choices for the birth that was right for us. We are so happy Amie was a part of such a special moment in our lives!”

-Roni and Daniel Deever (Ames, IA)

“I am so grateful for the role Amie played in the birth of our son, Harrison. My husband, Brett, and I were both apprehensive about labor since this is our first child. I was nervous about how I would handle the pain, and Brett wanted to be supportive, but was worried he wouldn’t always know what to do to help. Labor ended up being much longer than any of us could have expected. If Amie hadn’t been there, I am convinced I would have opted for intervention much earlier. She got me through some of the hardest moments in the beginning of the second day of labor, and relieved my husband when he was exhausted and overwhelmed. Because of my wonderful team, I (narrowly) avoided a c-section. However, even when it looked like things might go that way, Amie was there to encourage me through my anger and disappointment. She was such a rock for Brett and I as we experienced the hardest thing we’ve ever done together. When all 46 hours of it were over, I felt like we had gone through a battle together. In addition to helping us get through it all, Amie captured beautiful pictures as my son Harrison finally entered the world. I will forever treasure those pictures because I feel like they capture the raw emotion we felt after such an arduous journey. In our meeting after our birth, I felt like she made me feel even more confident in my ability as a mom and in my ability to do this all over again. We couldn’t be happier with our experience!”


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Amie! This was our first baby, and I really had no expeditions going into our birth. Amie was organized and resourceful throughout the entire process and proved to be such a help to me when the big day came!  I had a long labor (20 hours ish) and Amie was a huge support to me while we waited to meet our little girl. Postpartum, she has continued to be a resource for me and I definitely consider her a friend now! She is passionate  about childbirth and enjoys helping families during such an important time! As a person she is very genuine, honest and easily accessible which was very helpful to me! I couldn’t have done it without her!” 


It’s hard to describe in words how grateful we are to have Amie as our doula during the birth of our first child. After our initial meeting with Amie, my husband and I felt very comfortable with her. Not only does she have a vast knowledge about the birthing process and comfort techniques, but she also shared the same belief in Jesus Christ.  As we got to know Amie more after each pre-birth meeting, our decision was further confirmed.  She helped us prepare a birth plan based on our wants, talked through what to expect, and readily answered the many questions we had.  The night that we went into the hospital, it was 2:30AM and was very snowy. Amie quickly jumped in her car and met us at the hospital shortly after we arrived.  Physically, Amie helped with comfort techniques of counter pressure, massages and positions.  More importantly, however, she encouraged us, prayed with us and reminded us to rely on God’s strength. She was our coach and cheerleader. At a critical point in labor, Amie used her discernment to help us make a crucial decision.  She kindly and courageously stated, “I sense that fear is in this room and fear is not welcome here.”  Her wisdom and encouragement empowered us forward in the labor process with as little intervention as possible.  As we reflect back on the labor and delivery process, we know without a doubt that God provided Amie as our doula. She helped make it a beautiful birth story that we will always cherish. 


“Finding Amie was the best thing that could have happened for our 3rd birth. I was drawn to her confidence, passion, and knowledge about birth. She was helpful from the very beginning and texted me back whenever I had questions leading up to the birth. At the birth itself you could not tell it was her first time attending a birth as a doula. She helped me manage my pain through massage, positioning, and counter pressure, making sure I was comfortable with each as we went along. She worked well with my husband and showed him the spinning baby positions that could help my labor progress, and those holds really helped my husband and I connect and bond during labor. Her words of encouragement and coaching during my labor were extremely helpful, and she gave me opportunities during our meetings to let her know if there were phrases that would or wouldn’t be helpful during labor. She wants you to have the birth experience you most desire and asks intentional questions to get everyone on the same page leading up to the birth. Another amazing thing about Amie is that she took incredible pictures for us during my labor and delivery. She made sure from the first meetings that I was comfortable with that and I was actually very excited to have those moments captured. I can’t thank her enough for the lifelong keepsake those professional pictures will be for us. Thank you, Amie!!!”


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